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Winter tyres /  Snow tyres

Snow tyres have tread patterns specifically designed to bite into snow and ice. They’re made from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in cold weather, allowing the tyre to better conform to the surface of the road; whereas summer and all-season tyres get hard and are less pliable in cold temperatures.

As a result, winter tyres give better grip on snowy and icy surfaces than regular all-season or summer tyres. Grip is critical—not just to avoid getting stuck, but to ensure that a vehicle can stop and steer and ensure safety enhancing technologies such as Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and all-wheel drive can do their jobs.

All-season tyres are designed to cope with all sorts of conditions, including dry roads and rain, but are not optimised for any one condition.

Tyres that meet new American and Canadian winter tyre standards are marked with the symbol of a snowflake on a mountain on their sidewalls.


Winter tyres—should I fit them?

Currently there are no specific requirements in Irish Road Traffic Regulations mandating or prohibiting the use of snow or winter tyres.

Our advice is that, should you wish to install a set of snow tyres, you always install a full set of four to reduce the risks of over and under steer.

Once the possibility of snow is gone for the season, you should remove your snow or winter tyres and reinstall your all-season or summer tyres. The reason for this is that they are made from softer compounds, which cause them to wear out faster, especially in warm weather.


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